These are small stories that are in the Deep Web.

The Deadpan.

On June 1972, a woman appeared in the Cedar Senai hospital wearing only a white robe covered in blood. This in itself was not unusual, as people used to have accidents and near came to the nearest hospital for medical assistance. But there was one thing that made ​​people who saw this woman fled in terror: it was not exactly human. It resembled something like a dummy, but his skill and fluidity of a normal human being. His face was as flawless as a mannequin, devoid of eyebrows and full makeup.

From the moment he entered the hospital until he was taken to a room to proceed with sedation, he remained extremely quiet, expressionless and motionless. The doctors had decided to hold it until the authorities arrived and she did not protest. They could not get any response, and most of the employees felt quite uncomfortable to look at for more than a few seconds.
But when the staff tried to sedate her, he resisted with extreme force. Two employees held her as she rose from the bed expressionless. Then he turned his impassive eyes to the doctor and did something unusual. He smiled. As he did, the nurse screamed and released for printing; since in the mouth of women were no human teeth, but a longer and sharper. Very long to his mouth could not close without causing any injuries …
The doctor stared at her for a moment before asking, “What the fuck are you? ‘.
She leaned her head on his shoulder to watch him, still smiling. There was a long silence, the security personnel had been alerted and could be heard running down the hall.
As he turned toward the sound of footsteps, she was rushed, sinking his teeth in the front of the doctor’s neck, ripping his jugular and dropping to the floor. Then he leaned forward, as he gasped and choked on his own blood, and whispered:
I … am … God.
The doctor’s eyes were filled with terror as he watched her turn around and walk quietly to the guards. The last thing he saw was how to feast on them, one by one they took.
The doctor who survived the incident named “The Deadpan”.


The deep web: The mystery of the internet Word.

The deep web is the most deepness and darkness on internet, why we are talking about is?

For us the deep web is something weird, something bizarre, when we see stray impress and really confuse, why we see that? We don’t know, maybe because it is curious and impress, also, it is really amazing in the sense of be disturbing really.

We really want share whit you guys the amazing word of The Deep Web.

This is the Deep Web:

the World Wide Web content that is not part of the Surface Web, which is indexed by standard searching engines. It is not  confused with the dark Internet, the computers that can no longer be reached by the Internet, or with a Dark net distributed filesharing network, which could be classified as a smaller part of the Deep Web. Some prosecutors and government agencies think that the Deep Web is a haven for serious criminality

Mike Bergman, founder of Bright Planet and credited with coining the phrase,said that searching on the Internet today can be compared to dragging a net across the surface of the ocean: a great deal may be caught in the net, but there is a wealth of information that is deep and therefore missed. Most of the Web’s information is buried far down on dynamically generated sites, and standard search engines do not find it. Traditional search engines cannot see or retrieve content in the deep Web those pages do not exist until they are created dynamically as the result of a specific search. As of 2001, the deep Web was several orders of magnitude larger than the surface Web.

In the Deep web found: sale of organs, disturbing videos, trafficking, and photos, among other things!

Too found the last level of the Deep Web Gore

I’ll talk a little about this

The Deep Web torture one can witness live, no videos of real murders, rapes, is easy to find abominations as child pornography and can be hired assassins or buy human organs. Even there have some secrets of governments; but … what happens when you reach the last level? More danger? Our computer security?

The most famous photos the of Deep web: